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Lean Engineering

In today’s global market manufacturing companies are relying on their engineering departments to give them the competitive edge to survive. This requires engineering to be as efficient or Lean as possible.

Lean Engineering is the continuous process to increase the amount of valid engineering data (Engineering Intelligence) created per dollar invested. Engenious’s Lean Engineering Specialists focus on increasing engineering efficiency through optimization of resources and processes.

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Sales Force

Leading companies have balanced their investment in engineering tools with their investment in sales tools. For these companies, the sales team uses a rules-based quoting and order entry system to easily create “good orders” that the engineering team can quickly and easily process. For other companies, the engineering team uses high-end CAD tools to salvage a “bad order” that was created using poor tools such as spreadsheets, tribal knowledge, and memos.


There is no substitution for the creativity of a good engineer or designer. Unfortunately, a large part of the design task is repeatedly applying known design rules. Design automation increases engineering innovation uptime by automating away those mundane, repetitive tasks and design validations.


The central question around workflow analysis is: “Does this activity add value?” If that answer is NO or I DON’T KNOW, then your workflow likely needs attention. As part of your workflow analysis efforts, consider classifying tasks and processes into two simple categories:

  • Value added tasks (customer IS willing to pay for this activity)
  • Non-value added tasks (customer IS NOT willing to pay for this activity)

Once you have classified your workflow tasks into those two categories, you should then focus on maximizing Value Added tasks and minimizing/eliminating Non-Value Added tasks. For repetitive Value Added and Non-Value Added tasks, simply automate them away to increase your workflow value and throughput.


Although software today is very powerful and feature rich, specific needs per company can be as varied as the companies themselves. Fortunately, the leading software companies today have recongnized this diversity and have created tools to allow custom software add-ins to their applications. These add-ins can vary in complexity from a simple button click to automate the creation of CNC files to complete design automations as mentioned above. Your only limit is your imagination and your ROI.

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Autodesk Implementations

Often companies invest in technology but fail to see the return on their investment because steps were not taken to ensure the technology was fully implemented. In order to take full advantage of the powerful engineering tools available today, Engenious Technologies can customize and automate those tools to meet your particular workflow needs. Engineering design products, such design tools by Autodesk, offer API’s (application programming interfaces) that can be used to semi- or fully-automated engineering design tasks.

Engenious Technologies has the experience to make the technology work for you.

Technologies customized and automated include but not limited to:

  • Autodesk Inventor family of products
    • iLogic
    • Autodesk Automation Professsional (Autodesk Intent)
  • Autodesk AutoCAD family of products
    • Autodesk Automation Professsional (Autodesk Intent)
  • Autodesk Vault family of products
  • Autodesk Design Review

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Data Management

One of the keys to increasing the efficiency of an engineering department is the optimal re-use of a companies existing valid engineering data (Engineering Intelligence). This prevents engineers from having to re-invent the wheel in order to get an estimate or design out the door and drastically reduces cycle time making the company more competitive. Engenious Technologies works with it’s partners to determine the best solution for this, whether it be process change, technology implementation or simply configuration of existing technology.

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Batch File Conversion

To be competitive in today’s market, it is important to leverage existing engineering intelligence stored in existing design files. As companies are making the move to modernize their design software, often those design files need to be converted into a format compatible with the new technology.

Engenious Technologies can help manage that transition by providing services to

  • Maintain the integrity of the files translated
  • Extract information to be automatically entered into a database
  • Apply new company standards
  • Batch convert files in a “lights out” operation

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